Microdosing Mushrooms

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Microdosing Mushrooms for sale involves taking a much smaller dose than the typical “trip” of the psychedelic drug. In essence, you will take enough of the psilocybin capsules to make you feel alert. But not enough for you to start hallucinating.

Microdosing mushrooms means taking a miniscule amount of magic mushrooms once every two to three days. To put it more simply, microdosing allows you to experience minimal side effects from the psychedelic drug. So, microdosing does not give you the full blown experience of ingesting the drug. But just enough to improve your daily functioning!

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Benefits of Microdosing

Microdosing magic mushrooms has not grown in popularity for no reason! There are a multitude of benefits associated with it. And people who microdose psilocybin sternly stand by the benefits of doing so, almost religiously!

Elevated Mood! You will no longer feel down in the dumps. The sun will seem a little brighter and doing the dishes will be less agonizing. Buy microdosing mushrooms online.

Decreased levels of anxiety. You will no longer have a stomach ache at the thought of going to work. Even more so, getting through the day will get easier because you won’t be dreading each time you have to initiate a conversation!

Immediate Benefits. Unlike therapy, there will be less effort required from your side for improvement to take place. Additionally, the benefits will not only be evident in the long run. An hour or two after you gulp down the ‘shrooms, you will find yourself to be more alert!

No more Insomnia. You will no longer find yourself flipping around in bed, hoping to drift into the mystical lands of sweet sleep.

More Energy. It will get easier to get out of bed and get your tasks done for once and for all!

Cognitive Benefits, such as improved concentration and more creativity. Daydreaming will not be bothering you anymore and creative ideas will start flowing like a mighty river. magic mushrooms for sale.

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