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Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubensis, Psilocybe Semilanceata, Psilocybe Cyanescens, Psilocybe Azurescens, and Buy Psychedelics Online

Psilocybin Mushrooms For Sale

Psilocybin Mushrooms for sale. Buy Magic Mushrooms online at trippy psychedelia with reliability and guaranteed delivery. We offer the best Psilocybin mushrooms online for sale or Shrooms for sale. We also have available Magic Truffles, Magic Mushroom Spores, Spore Syringe, Shroom Edibles and Microdosing Mushrooms made from various Psilocybin Mushrooms Species. Our Magic Mushrooms Species comprises of; Psilocybe Cubensis, Psilocybe Semilanceata (Liberty Caps), Psilocybe Cyanescens (Wavy Caps), Psilocybe Azurescens, Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata, Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Caerulipes, Psilocybe Allenii. These are the best Psilocybe mushroom Species available in high grade at our Psychedelics Store.

Psychedelics to us is not just a business, the people behind are at the forefront of the legalization movement, organizing protests and sensitization rallies to educate the society on the benefits of psychedelics and more. We uphold high standards here at trippy psychedelia with great commitment to our customer satisfaction. Our mission has always been to advocate psychedelics legalization and provide high quality psychedelic products for the betterment of the society and thereby saving lives.

Buy Magic Mushrooms. Psilocybin Mushrooms For Medical Benefits

Looking to buy shrooms online for medical use, our Psychedelics Store has got you fully covered. Our Magic Mushrooms, Shrooms or Psilocybin Mushrooms are high grades and nationally sourced to provide the best quality Psychedelic Mushrooms with Psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe cyanescens, psilocybe semilanceata and the best of the Psilocybe species for shroom supply. This has made us one of the most trusted and reliable magic mushroom store and where to buy psychedelics at the best quality. 

Psilocybin Mushrooms

From growing magic mushrooms or how to grow psychedelic mushrooms, to drying mushrooms and how to eat shrooms, we have made available our awesome services and products at a standard as the best shroom supply or magic mushroom store. We also have available Magic Truffles, Microdosing Mushrooms, mushroom grow bags, magic mushroom spores and Psilocybe Spores, mushroom seeds, Spore syringe and mushroom growing kit for growing shrooms. Our top expertise on how to grow magic mushrooms have proven us to be one of the pioneers in psilocybin mushrooms online for sale.

Our Psychedelic Store has made it simple and easier to buy psilocybin products like shrooms, dried mushroom, magic mushroom spores, magic truffles, shroom edibles like mushroom chocolate, psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars and shroom gummies, psychedelic truffles, scooby snacks, spore syringe, psilocybe spores and psychedelic drugs which are all high grades. We have also gone further to be of help psychedelic consumers or mushroom consumers to provide solutions to most frequently asked questions relating to growing mushrooms like; how to grow psychedelic mushrooms or how to grow magic mushrooms, how to dry mushrooms, how to store dried mushrooms, where do magic mushrooms grow, how to store shrooms or how to store mushrooms and drying mushrooms.  

Magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms can be consumed in different ways. Although most shroom consumers and mushroom users are used to eating mushrooms or Microdosing Mushrooms as the normal consumption method and also worry about how to eat shrooms or best way to eat shrooms, smoking mushrooms is also a very effective method of consumption. We still have many users asking ” can you smoke mushrooms ” and the answer is yes. Again, Magic mushrooms can be consumed in magic mushroom tea and Lemon Tek. Most people ask the question of how to make mushroom tea or how to make shroom tea, lemon tekking mushrooms and other vital questions regarding consumption and effects which includes; shroom dosage or mushroom dosage chart for effective use, how long do shrooms stay in your system, how long do mushrooms last or how long do shrooms last, how long does it take for shrooms to kick in or how long do shrooms take to kick in, All these questions have been answered in trippy psychedelia psychedelic store. We have brought forth remedy and solutions to your health issues with high grade psilocybin mushrooms.

High Grade Psychedelic Drugs Only At Trippypsychedelia

Get the best tested and active psychedelic products or psychedelic drugs only at the best psychedelic store online with reliability, discretion and above all guaranteed delivery. We understand you have been searching for where to; buy ketamine ( Ketamine powder, Liquid Ketamine and Ketamine Nasal Spray ), Buy DMT (DMT powder, 4-AcO-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT Carts / DMT Pens), Ayahuasca for sale ( Ayahuasca Tea, Ayahuasca Kit, Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark and buy Banisteriopsis Caapi) Buy LSD (1P LSD, LSD gel tabs, LSD Liquid, LSD test Kit and LSD sheets), Ibogaine for sale (Iboga TA, Iboga Root Bark and Ibogaine Hcl), MDMA For Sale (Ecstasy pills and MDMA crystals), Buy Salvia, Mescaline Cacti (San Pedro Cactus (San Pedro Grow Kit and San Pedro Seeds), Peyote Cactus (Peyote seeds and peyote grow kit) and Peruvian Torch Cactus), Buy 2C-B (2C-B-Fly and 2C-B pills).. this has been made accessible and affordable by our psychedelic store with ease for purchases and guaranteed delivery with utmost discretion and client satisfaction.

Trippy Psychedelia Brings You the best Psychedelics Online

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Buy Psilocybe Cubensis and Psychedelic Drugs Online For Sale.


Shroom Edibles - Magic Mushroom Chocolates - Mushroom Gummies

Trippy psychedelia offers the best shroom edibles like the Psychedelic Mushroom chocolate bars, Magic mushroom chocolates, shroom chocolate, psilocybin mushroom chocolate, psilocybin sour gems, psilocybin chocolate, mushroom gummies, psilocybin gummies, shroom gummies, magic mushroom gummies, shroom candy, shroom cookies and cream,  and mushroom chocolates for a perfect tasty and trippy experience and for the many benefits of microdosing mushrooms. These scooby snacks are made from top quality psilocybe cubensis consisting of golden teachers, blue meanie, albino penis envy mushrooms, psilocybe semilanceata (liberty cap mushrooms), Psilocybe Cyanescens (Wavy Caps), Psilocybe Azurescens, Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata, Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Caerulipes, Psilocybe Allenii. Growing magic mushrooms using mushroom growing kit and mushroom grow bags will ensure potent shrooms which will be infused in these edibles to make them shroom edibles for a tasty, medicated and trippy experience. Our Shroom Edibles for sale has answered questions like; how long do shrooms stay in your system and how long do edibles last, how long do edibles last thc, best way to eat shrooms. Shroom edibles have proven to be one of the very best ways to consume mushrooms or microdosing mushrooms since it has a measured mushroom dosage chart or shroom dosage.

With our top quality services and high graded psychedelic products, we have provided solutions to most mushroom inquiries like; How much do shrooms cost, which we have stated prices and shroom dosage on our dried mushrooms for sale; How to make mushroom tea or how to make shroom tea, for which Lemon Tekking has proven very effective for shroom consumption. Lemon tek is great with drink shrooms and other mushroom tea methods; How to grow psilocybin mushrooms or how to grow magic mushrooms which we have provided solutions with growing mushrooms as magic truffles, mushroom grow bags, psilocybe spores, magic mushroom spores and spore syringe are available for sale; How long do shrooms take to kick in or how long does it take for shrooms to kick in, how long do mushrooms last, how long do shrooms stay in your system have been provided answers. Are you interested in knowing how much do shrooms cost, buy psilocybin mushrooms online at


We have done the most to provide the best quality and tested psychedelic drugs and magic mushrooms for sale grown from high grade magic mushroom spores.


Our clients privacy is top of our priority and can never be compromised. Our security team works round the clock 24/7 to ensure 100% discretion and security for all users privacy.


We offer professional services in regards to packaging with stealth and vacuum sealed materials for utmost discretion of our psychedelic products with no hassles.


We guarantee all our products are of the exact quality and attributes as stated in the product descriptions. Your order delivery is also secured in discretion and fully guaranteed.


Although we have a 99% success rate on all deliveries, we always have a refund and re-ship policy in place in case of missing packages.

Why is Trippy Psychedelia the best Psychedelics Store Online

Trippy psychedelia store is a swift, friendly, discrete and reliable online psychedelic dispensary which was founded as a movement towards the push for the legalization of psychedelic drugs and the sales of high graded psychedelics around the world. The process to Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms Online or Buy Magic Mushrooms Online and Buy Psychedelic Online has been made so easy and simple with distinguished superior quality of our psychedelic products like level up mushrooms and dried mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis; penis envy mushrooms, golden teacher mushroom, albino penis envy mushrooms, alice in wonderland mushroom, blue meanies, ecuadorian mushrooms) (Malabar Mushroom, lizard king mushroom, creeper mushroom, pink buffalo mushrooms, melmac mushroom, panaeolus cyanescens, treasure coast mushroom, mazatapec mushroom, mckennaii mushroom), Microdosing mushrooms, Shroom edibles (magic mushroom chocolate and mushroom gummies), Magic Truffles, Magic mushroom spores, Spore syringe, Mushroom grow bags, Magic mushroom tea and Lemon tek. Other Psychedelic Drugs include; buy ketamine (Ketamine powder and Ketamine liquid), buy DMT (DMT powder and DMT Vape Pen), Ayahuasca for sale, buy LSD (LSD gel tabs, LSD Liquid and LSD sheets), Ibogaine for sale (Iboga, Iboga Root Bark and Ibogaine Hcl), buy MDMA (Ecstasy pills, MDMA crystal and MDMA powder), buy Salvia, Mescaline Cactus (San Pedro and Peruvian Torch), buy 2CB (2CB powder and 2CB pills) and Peyote (Peyote seeds and peyote grow kit).

And by our overall focus on health and wellness, there is a wide variety of Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelic Drugs for medical and recreational use. Our efficient, professionally trained and reliable staffs are delighted to guide you through our website, provide recommendations for suitable products for clients and answer to all inquiries with courtesy, kindness and respect. We have successfully mailed thousands of Psychedelic products and psychedelic drugs around the world using professionally stealth vacuum-sealed packaging, regardless of the country or state’s laws on Psychedelics. We also have available convenient payment options for absolute privacy and discretion with no hassles.

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