Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow-Kits Online USA

Our Magic mushroom grow-kits for sale and magic mushroom grow bag will help you easily grow beautiful magic mushrooms yourself. Our mushroom grow-kits are 100% mycelium. This means that they are already fully grown, so they will quickly show “pins” and within two weeks you can harvest your first batch of fresh mushrooms. Grow your own magic mushrooms or shrooms at home with magic mushroom grow-kits. Each tub provides multiple flushes of fruiting bodies in a matter of weeks.

Our selection of mushroom grow-kits has options for both newbies and experienced user of Psychedelic mushrooms or shrooms. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, try out one of our less potent psilocybe strains for a gentle introduction. In contrast, you’ll need a magic mushroom strain which is a little stronger if you want to blast off and explore alternate dimensions. You’ll get a general idea of the potency of each strain by reading the description of a particular magic mushroom grow-kit. Buy magic mushroom grow bag.

What is a magic mushroom grow-kit?

A mushroom grow-kit is a way to easily grow your own magic mushrooms.

The Mushroom Grow-kit contains:

  • 1x grow box with substrate containing living mycelium (the spores that have developed)
  • 1x transparent grow bag with airfilter
  • 2x paperclips

The substrate in the Magic Mushroom grow-kit consists of rye, riceflour, vermiculite and perlite. The development of the spores into the mycelium has been done in a sterile laboratory. The only thing that needs to be done to grow the magic mushrooms out of this mycelium is putting the grow box in a warm, light and humid environment. For this you use the transparent grow bag and the paperclip.

You will need access to clean tapwater or mineral water and a warm spot with a temperature between 18°C en 29°C to put the kit to develop. Everything is explained in the magic mushroom growkit manual in a simple way. It also includes tips and recommendations to get the largest produce possible out of the kit. Keep in mind not all grow kits have the same instructions!

Why buy magic mushroom grow-kit from our Shroom Shop USA?

All of our mushroom growing kits are produced with care in a sterile laboratory. We keep a limited stock, so the grow kits are shipped as fresh as possible. There are dozens of producers of magic mushroom grow-kits. We have tested nearly all types of mushroom kits available on the market and subjected them to thorough testing. We only sell the grow kits in our catalog that are most reliable and have a good yield. Because the market is dynamic, we continue to test new types of kits, looking for ones that meet our standards. Looking for a special strain or do you have a general question? Contact our support center.

How many magic mushrooms will you get out of the grow-kit?

The growing process can be repeated several times, until the nutrients in the substrate are depleted. The first flush (growing spree) of mushrooms will be the largest and the following flushes will be smaller and smaller until no mushrooms grow up anymore. The average result after depletion is between the 300 and 400 grams of fresh mushrooms when the ideal conditions are met. If you take in account that the recommended dose is a portion of 15 grams fresh mushrooms, we will let you do the math! Buy magic mushroom grow-kits online today from our shroom store USA.