Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles are alternatives to magic mushrooms. They are an answer to pertinent questions with Magic Mushrooms consumption [ best way to eat shrooms and how to eat shrooms ]. Magic truffles, also known as psilocybin truffles are immediately ready for consumption as you do not have to grow these yourself before consumption.

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles are also known as Psilocybin Sclerotia. These magic truffles give you a psychedelic trip because the magic truffles contain the substance psilocybin. This psychoactive trip can last between 4 and 6 hours.

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

Buy Magic Truffles Online. Psilocybin truffles are now sold online and they come in packs, fresh and ready to eat. They can be consumed immediately after receiving your order to enjoy a psychoactive trip. This is an immediate and absolutely distinct  difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms. You can Buy Magic Mushrooms in form of Dried Magic Mushrooms, Shroom Edibles, Microdosing Mushrooms, Magic Mushroom Spores and Magic Mushroom Growing Kit or Mushroom grow bags for growing mushrooms yourself. Another difference is that the magic mushrooms live above the ground while the magic truffles live underground. Magic truffles or Psychedelic Truffles are the sclerotia of certain mushrooms. If the sclerotia truffles contains psilocybin then you can share these truffles under the heading magic truffles. These truffles gives you a amazing psychoactive trip.

Effects of magic truffles

Magic truffles provides you with an amazing trip filled with great effects. The amount and magic truffle types or Magic truffles strains/truffle strains you buy will influence how strong your trip will be. This also applies to the mood you are in, the environment and the people you are with. The most frequently mentioned effects of magic truffles are an increase in the intensity of the senses, visual hallucinations and the disappearance of your ego. This way you can see colors sharper and brighter. Music sounds more like a live concert, patterns can come to life by moving and the dimensions of objects can be perceived differently.

Magic truffles dosage

The amount of magic truffles you use and the truffles strains determines how strong your psychoactive trip becomes. Are you using magic truffles for the first time? Then we recommend a dosage of 7 to 10 grams of magic truffles. You can assume that a standard dosage for magic truffles is 10 to 15 grams. Usually the magic truffles start to work after 45 minutes and you experience the peak of your trip after about 1 hour 30 mins. Magic Truffles trip lasts up to 6 hours.

Tips for using magic truffles

If you want to enjoy a nice magic truffles trip, the tips below can help you. We have carefully compiled these magic truffle tips to make the use of magic truffles as ideal as possible.

  • Do not use magic truffles when you are in a stressful or depressed period
  • Take magic truffles on an empty stomach, so don’t eat anything a few hours before the trip
  • Cut the magic truffles into small pieces and chew them well so that you absorb as much psilocybin as possible.
  • Make it easier to eat magic truffles by mixing them in a smoothy or in a magic truffle tea
  • Do not heat magic truffles, this will decrease the effect of psilocybin
  • The environment influences your trip, we always advise to use magic truffles in nature or a familiar environment
  • Make sure you have enough drinks and food at home if you get hungry
  • Be aware that eating and drinking with sugar can weaken your trip
  • DON NOT Magic truffles and alcohol
  • Always provide a trip sitter, a level-headed person who is present
  • Do not trip without having a trip stopper at home

Use magic truffles for microdosing

In addition to only trip on magic truffles, magic truffles can also help for example at work. There have been many reports that the use of magic truffles microdosing have led to an increase in sports performance and work productivity. Even creativity and the power to make decisions skyrocket by the power of microdosing.

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