Mazatapec Mushroom Spore Syringe

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Mazatapec Magic Mushroom. Grow your own Mazatapec magic mushroom using our high grade magic mushroom spore syringe.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe For Sale USA

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe for sale at our Shroom Shop USA – TrippypsychedeliaMazatapec 20cc magic mushroom spore syringes are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the cubensis spores.

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  • 1x 20cc Mazatapec spore solution in a 20ml syringe
  • 1x sterile needle
  • 4x Alco prep


Special Solution

The Mazatapec cubensis spores are dissolved in a specially developed organic solution to promote the quality of the spores.

Compared to water based spore solutions;  you will get larger yields, stronger mycelium and faster colonization because of this special spore solution. Buy Mazatapec Mushrooms Online USA.

Why these syringes are better than other spore syringes

  • Spores are 100% free from contaminants and they are very contaminant resistant after leaving the syringe.
  • Improved shelf life. Over 6 months longer; now 18 months.
  • Spores are not sticking to sides of the syringes anymore, thus easier to handle and more grow parts per milliliter (500 gpp ml).
  • Contains nutrients to ‘kickstart’ the spores when inoculating.
  • Solution boosts strength of mycelium.
  • Faster colonization of substrate and cakes.


How to use the Mazatapec spore syringe

The Mazatapec spore solution is held inside the syringe by a luer lock stopper on the end where the needle goes. With this luer lock stopper attached makes it easier to transport and to store the Mazatapec spore syringe.

Make sure to work as hygienic as possible. Wear a face mask and sterile gloves and/or disinfect your hands. Hold the Mazatapec spore syringe in front of you with the luer lock stopper pointing upwards. Remove the luer lock stopper by screwing it counter-clockwise. Take the needle out of the sterile package and screw it on the Mazatapec spore syringe. Shake the spore syringe vigorously for ten seconds before you remove the protective cap from the needle.

Where to buy a magic mushroom spore syringe

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